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Become a Paranormal Field Investigator for the night!

A SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE, this interactive walking tour as they introduce you to the investigation of haunted sites. You will learn how to assess seeming haunted phenomena, and what does compromise an actual haunting.

You will be instructed in:

• What kind of phenomena make a "genuine haunting"
• How to approach investigating such phenomena
• To employ your senses and respect your own psychic feelings
• Use basic equipment, such as electromagnetic field meter

Can you tell which phenomena are real?



We will share stories and anecdotes from the tour related to the sites we visit, and relevant historic details. The tour is not designed to frighten, but to engage and educate you in the investigation of haunted phenomena.

During the tour's history we have experienced a wide range of paranormal phenomena, including occasional sightings, as well as paranormal sounds, scents and tactile encounters. Participants have at times described feelings and impressions that match closely actual events that we know have occurred in the places we visit.

Each night is a novel experience, and what will happen is unpredictable. At the conclusion of the tour we share with you our album of photos from the tour, and give you the opportunity to fill out a response form recording your own experiences and impressions.
The tour is approximately 2 hours long, plus a brief conclusion.

Presently the tour visits the grounds of the Castillo de San Marcos (the old fort,) a courtyard and the periphery of two old cemeteries, all within the bounds of the historic district of our nation's oldest city.

THE TOUR DEPARTS NIGHTLY FROM BEERHAMMER’S – Beer Gear Retail Store, located inside Heritage Walk Mall at 162 St. George Street – entrance on St. George Street at the Cathedral. See Directions Page for a Map. TOUR MEETS AT 9PM EACH NIGHT. We ask our guests to arrive at least 15 minutes early, for we do distribute equipment and take care of other preliminaries.

CONTACT US AT: (904) 824-8840. (If no answer, (904) 814-8446, and specify the paranormal tour.) RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, especially for Saturday night.

Or purchase your Haunted St. Augustine tickets at:

Your tour guide will be a City of St. Augustine licensed tour guide. Your paranormal tour guide is trained under Tour Director Harry C. Stafford, Ph.D.

TOUR DIRECTOR: Harry C. Stafford, Ph.D., has taught parapsychology on occasion and continues to pursue a lifelong interest in the field of consciousness studies. Dr. Stafford holds a doctorates degree from Florida State University in Human Consciousness Studies and a Master of Divinity from Harvard University. He is the author of “The Future of Human Consciousness”. Copies of Dr. Stafford’s book can be acquired at Ghost Hunting Equipment at 9A Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine and at Beerhammer’s and also at GhoSt Augustine ghost store at 123 St. George Street as well as on line at

Please also visit our friends at Together with GhoSt Augustine we do ghost tours st augustine such as a Total Paranormal St. Augustine tour which on top of our Haunted St. Augustine tour includes a story telling tour with ghost equipment supplied in a Hearse that you will be traveling in to the south side of St. Augustine and out to the lighthouse. The TPS is a 4.5 hour adventure! GhoSt Augustine also does the famous Haunted Pub Tour.

Can you see the face on the tombstone?